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11-30-2013, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
It's like talking to a wall.

When a goaltender gives up about 2 goals per game, that means he is doing exactly what his job is, because it is very, very difficult (not to mention rare) for a goaltender to give up significantly less than 2 goals per game. In fact, Lundqvist has never done better than 1.96 GAA per game in a season. So if you take away the dreadful start to this season, he is .2 goals per game worse than his CAREER BEST. If he finishes the season at the 2.15 rate he has sustained over the last 18 games, it will be the 3rd best GAA of his career. He's never been the leader in any of these statistical categories. There are guys every season that are higher on the list than him, but he's always among the leaders, and most of the other guys aren't. He's consistently one of the best, and since he's consistently been one of the best more often during his time in the league than anyone else, that makes him the best.

It doesn't matter how soft the goals he gives up are, because he simply isn't giving up that many of them. What makes a FAR greater difference is the fact that the rest of the team isn't doing THEIR job. How this is lost on you, I don't know.

The difference between winning and losing in the NHL is just about 1 goal. If you score close to or more than 3 goals per game, you're going to win a lot more than you lose. If you score 2-2.5 goals per game, the opposite is true. The Rangers are 11th in the league in goals against, 27th in the league in goals for. This is a ridiculous argument. Lundqvist can't score goals, he can only stop them, and over the last month, he's been doing a pretty good job of it. Believe it or not, players go through ups and downs during seasons. I'd venture to guess that he has had 18 game stretches before where he probably played worse than he's playing now.
Except you're comparing an 18 game sample to a season. For 18 games if he allowed significantly less than 2.15 it wouldn't be some miracle of hockey.

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