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01-23-2004, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by CrAzY_NiNe
You guys are nuts, 5 pounds of muscle in one month, he would have to be training like 10 hours a day, and eat a specifc diet to gain 5 pounds of muscle, I have already discusse this before though. A normal person who trains daily in a gym can gain 20-30 pounds of muscle in one year. Remeber that Balej isn't only working on his muscle mass, but keeping his cardio up, he in no way would gain 20 pounds of muscle in a year, not to mention 5 pounds in a month. That is a ridculous statement, and how you people think you know things. If you have trained, or work in a gym, I seriously would like to know how to achieve this, because muscle can't gained that mass so quickly, if you enderstand how muscle work and grow, it is almost impossible for that too happend.
not impossible now you dont gain propper muscle mass with cardio, if you ups your protien diet to 40 grams a meal 4 meals a day and ups your carbs(sugars) to before cardio, you will boost your system full of gas, that gas is spent on your excercises and weights and the protien will add bulk, now cardio also chizz's and cuts you thus your first week you lose water, and mass(both fat and muscle) then after your body will adapt to the protien and carb diet that it got use to and adds alote of mass you can gain around 2 pounds of right muscle mass each week after that(must do repetitive mass execises) now every 2 weeks you highten your carbs that transfers the enrgy through out your body. 5 pounds of muscle mass can be obltained in less then a month for the severe, now most people dont think cradio matters but its the true key thats what distributes the right weight around your body.

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