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01-23-2004, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Vito Andolini
Yea, wow 80 points huh, whats his plus minus? How many wins does his team have? What kind of presence does he have in the locker room?

And don't talk down to me GlenJar, I know Carter's value isnt at its all time high, but he certainly could have gotten us something better than Malacough and Bobo. You dont just trade players for the hell of trading them, there has to be some sort of plan, especially on a team with as many holes as this one. You trade players to address needs. What does Jagr address? And how the hell do his pros outweight his cons?

It's funny, we had so many STEAL's the last few years....yet we still can't make it to the playoffs in a league where more than half the teams make's baffling
he will be an impact player for the rangers and improve the powerplay. What do you mean don't talk down to you? how did i talk down to you? get over it. hey have you watched a rangers game this year. How many games do you get to watch up in penn state?
Name 5 guys that carter would have brought back that are better than jagr? 5 million a year for jagr. A STEAL FOR THE RANGERS

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