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11-30-2013, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr_Hook View Post
Just wondering : anybody else here turned off and troubled by the details of Adonis crimes that were reported last week ? I knew he "had a past" to use the cliche, and a pretty shady one... But that story was absolutely awful ; maybe I'm naive but he did way worse chiite that what I had portrayed in my mind ; not the kind of stuff you sweep under the rug with an "I made mistakes"

Used to be a big fan and lept off my seat when he clocked Dawson. Now, I just don't know... Anybody else ?
Sure it's all awful stuff, he was judged tried and imprisoned for it though.

But he's a boxer now and he does that full time, should he be forced to retire because he did awful stuff that he was judged for in the past? He's he unworthy to be a national icon for it? Should he be put back into prison simply because now everyone knows about his past?

I don't get why there's even a discussion about the matter, these types of crimes are hardly uncommon in the world of boxing.

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