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12-01-2013, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
Blah, Blah, Blah. It's always the same thing with Rangers fans.

You can infer that Sestino is as dumb as a box of rocks, but he's plenty smart enough to know that the Rangers are a prime target. It's plainly obvious that they have no one to drop kick his **** across the ice the way Bieksa did with Boyle.

And only a Rangers fan could say that Boyle made bad choices. The guy at least has the balls to try and stand up for himself and the team. The only thing worse than him getting his ass kicked would be backing down. It just pathetic that he folds like a blanket every time he fights.

Yes, guys that can fight and contribute are rare. Almost as rare as a Rangers team that actually intimidates the opposition with physical play as well as skill.




Ass yesterday.

And it's not so much that that aggravates me year in and out. It's Rangers fans who continue to insist that the Rangers be on their best behavior or some such crap. It's F@#$ing Hockey!

Get this team and it's fans some balls for God's sake.
Couldn't agree more. Only problem is, Sather gets goons and the coaches he picks prefer others.

He was rather unlucky with Clowe and the concussions/regression. Dorsett is good, but we need another guy like him who's bigger and more useful and can be used on the 3rd line.

Pouloit and Pyatt do nothing. Can't score. Can't fight. We have enough guys like this who are more talented than both of them. Need diversity.

Don't need a slow and lumbering goon heavy weight. We need speed, aggression, a hard hitter who can drop the mitts and not embarrass himself in the process. I wanted Clutterbuck in the offseason. @ 4 mill he's rather expensive, but the worth of players like that seems to be escalating every year.

I like Glencross from Calgary but would they trade him?

Simmonds from Phil? No chance they trade him with their resurgence.

Ott from Buffalo?

More grit needs to be added in the top 9.

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