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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Is there really a case for Malone over Crosby or Bentley? I mean, Malone is basically something of a Brett Hull of an earlier era, right?

(I also think Dionne is far from a lock, but that shouldn't surprise you)
Sorry to be so long in answering your question. I think there may be more to Malone than that. There is this article from 1934 which describes Malone's all-around game in quite positive terms.

Scoring marks were not the only records Malone that left behind him for future hockey stars to shoot at. In the days of rowdy hockey, when butchery was too often the means towards victory, Malone was a Frankie Boucher type of centre.


Tall, rugged and a great stickhandler, he was also a potent defensive unit. He had a fine poke-check, and like Nighbor, used a long stick to break up opposing attacks. He and Odie Cleghorn were probably the outstanding stickhandlers of their day. But unlike Odie, who used a short stick and nursed the puck along almost between his skates, Malone swept through the opposition with long, swinging strides. He was a left hand shot.
Now, this isn't the most substantial of evidence, as it is from after Malone's retirement, and I know of no corroborating sources, but I think it is still meaningful. I think it should be given some weight especially in light of the fact that Malone's golden years were mostly played in Quebec, and hundred-old newspaper sources from that region are notoriously hard to track down in Google Archives. There was probably a whole lot of commentary written on Malone during his career, but thus far, we have found very little of it. Thorough no fault of his own, Joe Malone remains a "phantom" even now.

So at any rate, if we take this single testimony seriously, Joe Malone was no Brett Hull, but rather a player with at least a solid all-around game. I'm not going to try to "sell" the article's legitimacy, but I think it's worth putting out there. Yeah, I do think that Malone deserves top-4 consideration in this round.

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