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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Interesting, and it explains his poor results in his first season back from the war. Do you know what he was doing if not playing hockey?

I'm sort of surprised that the actual NHL players (at least the ones that were young) didn't get the same treatment from fans at the time. I mean, lots of young guys skated for the Habs during the war, and I've never heard anything about them being booed by fans. Maybe it's something about Quebec that I just don't understand, but considering that France was occupied, one would think the Quebecois would be even more interested in the war than the average Canadian.
No doubt many Francophones did feel that way but the government was very English-first in its response to recruitment, training and deployment. This alienated a lot of French Canadians.

Then when conscription was brought in, Quebec viewed it as unfairly targetting the French who didn't want to serve in an all-English army (among other greivances), and that led to this...

(Off topic, I know)

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