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Originally Posted by The Naz View Post
Not to pick a fight, or seem rude, but what would you have expected out of Klimchuck? He's a small winger with 2nd line upside. His PPG isn't great, but very OK. Just ahead of Gauthier, who brings WAY more to the table. There isn't another player in that range available to us that is worth much more.

As I said a few days ago, the fan favorite was Shinkaruk and he's **** the bed big time this year. He has seen steady decline in his game since his amazing 50 goal draft year season
My opinion regarding whl players may be a bit biased because I see them play a lot more than any other player in other chl leagues but klimchuk has everything it takes to become a perrenial 2nd line winger. I think his game will translate well at the nhl level and here's why; he's a deceptively fast, evasive skater and uses that to get into areas where he can open up space for himself to get off his NHL calibre shot. He competes in all 3 zones, goes into the dirty areas, drives the net hard, and hes a very effeciant puck possession player despite his size. He's a Patrick sharp clone IMO, and look at what he's done for Chicago. He's a core piece to their success. Points aren't everything. Using point totals to project a players future at the nhl level are better than nothing but unless you watch that player frequently, they don't tell the whole story.

As for shrinkaruk, I never liked him. He's far to inconsistent and his game won't translate well at the nhl level. He's easily neutralized off of the puck, takes many nights off, and shy's away from physical play.. Think a very poor mans phil kessel. He'll be a future tweener with defensive liabilities.

Gauthier could turn out to be a great 3rd line center for us and could be an important cog to our teams future. I'm not going to be upset if he turns out to be a bigger jay mcclement, id be rather excited actually. But just keep your eye on klimchuk, calgary has a potential steal there.

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