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12-01-2013, 11:04 AM
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1) Canada isn't a democracy it's a Republic (a democracy is people governing, think Switzerland; a Republic is when people elect others to represent them in government which those elected do whatever they want).
2)Rogers has a monopoly.
3)Rogers now has no right to complain if another telcom company enters the foray as this proves they make an abundant amount of money that they could spend $6 billion in less then 2 years (1 year 3 months).
4)The cost of watching tv will go up as Rogers will pass on the saving to all their customers (and don't think otherwise).
5)Rogers stated that they needed a year to make changes regarding new mobile regulations after all providers were given 6 months (no fine has been imposed as of yet).
6)Rogers still claims that SAF fees are government issued even though the CRTC has stated countless times that it isn't.

Honestly it's time, we as Canadians push for reform of our government/policies/government entities as this is going to be the start of things worse for our country.

For starters: Bell, Rogers shouldn't be allowed to bid on any spectrum for a while (seeing how they were given spectrum FOR FREE prior to Telus, and Fido entering the market.
Telecom shouldn't be allowed to monopolize media at all (they shouldn't be allowed to own pretty much every magazine/newspaper/tv station in the country). Bell and Rogers control pretty much anything that has to do with media.

I don't care who won the NHL rights this is a matter of fair and competent competition. This has nothing to do with the Conservatives as they wanted to strip the CRTC of all their powers back in 2008 and hand them over to the Competition Bureau. This has to do with the corruption of a government entity that is supposed to protect the interest of Canadians when it comes to media.

If I were a client of anything Rogers I'd be on the phone demanding lower prices as Rogers surely has enough money to reduce MY costs if they have the money to spend $6 billion less then 2 years AND pay the entry fee to bid on what could be the most expensive spectrum auction in Canadian history (700mhz offers deeper penetration into builds and requires less equipment to cover the same area).

Thank you CRTC for allowing a monopoly into our society.

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