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12-01-2013, 11:31 AM
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Is it me or is the officiating bad this year? I've been watching the Sharks for the last three years and it does seem so to me.

Other post-game thoughts:

1- Sharks still have difficulty putting the game away. What is this… "prevent defense" from the NFL where the goal is to bend not break, but bend all the way to the net? Geez, Sharks, keep pressing and scoring.

2- Nemo looked much stronger on the shoot-out but the first attempt. Confidence is coming back as it appeared to be lacking in the previous couple of SOs.

3- Keep it up Havlat. You've got moves for scoring no doubt… use them.

4- For once, passing your way to a goal worked… Thornton and Marleau. Don't let it go to your head though and go back to a passing love-fest and forget about shooting on goal.

5- Boyle did seem slow to execute his decisions (slow by his standards, not mine ). So I agree what has been posted here. I've not noticed this in his previous games and this could be something simple like an ear infection or similar. His pre-game interview seemed to rule out a nasty cold or recovery from the flu.

6- Perry is dirty, pig mud dirty.

7- Sharks handled the Duck's physical aggression well. Ducks seem to be more focused on physical aggression against the Sharks rather than scoring. It appeared to me that Mike Brown had the green light from the bench for that fight to put the Ducks on notice.

8- Perry is dirty, did I say that?

9- The blocked shot flipped over Nemo was not top NHL caliper for a goalie. I am betting he wished for a do-over there. It appeared to me that the shot would have sailed over the crossbar if left untouched as well (although I've not seen the highlights of that shot).

10- Perry is filthy dirty. He's gonna injury someone if he has not done so already.

11- Should not have that hold on a Shark going for a scoring shot resulted in a penalty shot? I thought so at the time.

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