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Originally Posted by Dr Robot View Post
The TV contract is 5.2b over 12 years. Thats ~430m per year. The players get half so the salary cap goes up. 215mil divided by 30 teams=7million per team.

The US teams get 65% of that 430 mil. 65% of 430=280mil. Then you take that 280 divided by the remaining 23 US hockey teams. 280/23=12mil per team.

So all the US teams now take in an extra 12 mil and have to pay 7mil because of the increased salary cap. Not entirely sure how 5mil per year is going to stabilize everything.

Note:Rounded all my numbers but everything is pretty close.
You forgot to subtract the $190M that was already there from the previous deals... Which is probably what Keller did to. Which is why this is overblown.

It's an extra $3M/year, (Give or take) which isn't going to save a team like Phoenix from hitting their $50M trigger that opens up potential for relocation.

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