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California - Bay Area

1966, the NHL announces Expansion planned for 67/68 season, 6 teams playing in their own Division. LA had been threatening the NHL with anti-trust since the late 50's demanding entry, new arena etc, huge market. If they didnt get in, acquire a WHL franchise, hook-up with the AHL, inter-locking schedule, serious threat to the NHL's preeminence as North Americas' best professional league, stranglehold on the buildings in 'A' Market westcoast locales. Refused, so in 1961 they along with San Francisco awarded Expansion Franchises in the WHL. San Francisco's team named the Seals after a defunct but long time popular minor-pro baseball team, LA's team called the Blades (formerly LA had the Monarchs of the PCHL). By 65/66, NHL Expansion was pretty much rubber stamped by the BOG's, with CBS insisting that at least 2 of the 6 inbound clubs be located in California. The newly minted owners in San Francisco buying the WHL Seals, the name, player contracts etc (though the whole thing unraveled thereafter going to Hell in a Handbasket due to beyond intransigent ownership, and quite the story & cast of colorful characters that be, another thread)... here now in less than a minute and a half the history of the California nee Oakland nee California Golden Seals Jersey History...

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