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12-01-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Lack of two-way ability (pretty much completely as far as the top six goes) and Giroux is the only one that we can always feel safe with his production it seems like. Lecavalier can produce offensively now, but he feels like a waste at center considering he doesn't have two-way ability and his performance at the dot has been bad this season. I'm also afraid of that contract in the long-term.

Hartnell just seems like he's done, although I was never a fan of his to begin with so we'll see. Simmonds is the same player as Hartnell essentially each with some minor differences. Feels redundant to have both on the roster at the same time really and makes all the lines blurred with them.

Schenn needs to play at center just because he makes more sense there then Lecavalier. I've never been a big fan of Schenn either, but at least he knows how to finish in the slot.

Raffl just has zero finishing ability so he needs to stick to the fourth line for now.

Voracek I'm not disappointed or impressed with. This is about what I expected from him in Philly after trading for him. The performance last season made us all hope for more, but regardless this is about what I expected from him when we got him. Outside of last season he's never really proved to be a game changing player so I'll be happy as long as he just keeps putting up some decent scoring.
I agree Vinny at C seems to be a waste at this point. I don't think anyone expected good defensive play, but his performance in the dot has been disappointing. I think most Flyers fans agree too that Schenn is at his best at center (although continuing to bounce him between positions probably isn't the greatest for his development), except for his faceoffs.. but hey, probably won't be much worse than Vinny and at least he should be able to defend better when he loses them. Maybe its time to change back to something like:

Hartnell - G - Vinny
Simmonds - Schenn - Voracek

Voracek on the 2nd line would be great just so that they stop trying to have Simmonds carry the puck in the neutral zone. Also I've liked what I've seen from Schenn and Voracek together before. Although can Simmonds play LW well? I don't remember.

Still feels to me that Harts and Simmonds will be the weak links on those lines. I don't know what it is, but they've been god awful for awhile at even strength. They just need to focus on forechecking, board battles and one on one battles. Simmonds trys to do too much with the puck and Hartnell is just awful at everything lately.

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