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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Not that I was alive, but...

- Quebec cared much less about France than Canada did about Great Britain by then. I have absolutely no source whatsoever for that.

- That is reflected in the fact that the two most important political parties in Quebec at the eve of the war were opposed to mandatory drafting/conscription. There was also a party whose whole point was opposition to mandatory drafting (Bloc Populaire), which elected a few MP's, both on the federal and on the provincial level.

- Quebec was more rural, and thus a little less exposed to what was happening around the world -- before TV, radio wasn't even THAT mainstream. People working on farms didn't have to go to war if you recall. My parents (actually, my dad) was born during the war, and my mother family had a farm as well by then. That also explain why a guy like Emile Bouchard didn't go to war, as he was a farmer (more accurately, a beekeeper).

- Another thing that is somewhat less known and a little more obscure is that anti-semitism was somewhat rampant in Quebec. Certainly a bit more than everywhere else in Canada. Hitler certainly got a bit more support here than everywhere else, and there was even party who certainly had some (and more than some...) sympathy towards Hitler (for further info : Ironically, Arcand was strongly opposed to any kind of Quebec nationalism (not even talking about Independance here -- that was WAY after its time). In retrospect, the war probably had a great effect in toning down/curbing antisemitism in Quebec.

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That guy sounds like a mad arcand!

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