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01-23-2004, 06:11 PM
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Let's take Gagne out of every trade rumor.

Clarke has said many times that he would not consider trading Williams or Gagne,unless the teams needs were greater than the talent those two provide. The problem with the defense was why Williams was traded,let there be no doubt about that,and there is absolutely no way in hell that Gagne will be dealt for an older goaltender. I like Kolzig,and he can give Esche some well needed rest during the stretch drive to the play-offs. It's too bad about Hackett,but if he is suffering from an ailment like vertigo,you can pretty much say goodbye to him. Kolzig would be a very good mentor to Esche,sort of like how Chico was Lindburgh's mentor. I'm not comparing Esche to Pelle,but he is a very good young goalie.I also agree with Bob Clarke's assessment of the goalies around the league. He said something to the effect that there are only one or two superstar goalies in the league now,Brodeur & perhaps Hasek (when not injured),and none of the teams wil part with goalies of that caliber. He also said that the remaining goalies are all about the same talent-wise,they're all pretty good goalies out there.For the play-offs,I think Clarke and Hitchcock will want to have access to a goalie who has been in a few rounds of the play-offs. Kolzig took his team to the finals once,and didn't look too bad in his finals series. So I wouldn't rule out a possible deal involving high draft picks for Ollie,but Clarke will NOT trade Gagne at all,for anyone!

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