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12-01-2013, 02:08 PM
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Hip/butt bone protector

So for the umpteenth time, I fell on my left hip and I am left limping the next day. This time I just blew a tire in warmup, fell onto the ice with my leg bent and it was full contact between my hip/butt bone and the ice. My pants provide NO protection here when my leg is bent that way. It's almost like the pads open up in that position to expose the bone.

As background, I bought new pants in March. (I got Bauer Vapor 7.0s) I tried on everything because I had trouble finding pants that fit (I'm 5'10" and very thin) and I checked all of them for how they protected the hip bone. Except for the top end/designed for contact pants, nothing had any padding there.

I'm at the point where I'm seriously worried about long term damage so I want to find or make something to protect my hip.

So first question: Does anything like this exist? PHL showed me ringette pants but there's too much padding all over to fit under my pants. I really just want something to cover the outer butt bone (Femur head?) that can fit under my pants. I'm shocked this isn't a more widespread problem.

Alternative question: Thankfully my wife has taken up sewing and I think she would be table to sew some padding into a pair of jock shorts. Does anyone have suggestion for padding to use / where to find it? I think it requires more than just foam.

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