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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Of course Bettman will chase the dollars. That's part of his job. More money out of TV deals means more Hockey Related Revenues, which basically means more money for everyone in the NHL..

What Bettman did is good for the NHL.

It's bad for TSN, which means it's bad for Bell, but most of the guys you see on TSN will get jobs for rogers/ctv and you'll see them there. The good thing for them is that they have 12 years guaranteed to make their product better.
I might be in the minority, but I'm glad this was done. Not for TSN, they had a solid programming, and they will keep having one as long as they keep their personnel.
But for RDS, I always felt they put forth a very mediocre product because they had no competition. I mean, morons like freaking Michel Bergeron being used on a daily basis to analyze games??...I can name 10 posters from here without blinking for a second that would do a better job.
Nothing wrong with competition. It only increases the quality of the product.

On a side note, I know someone that worked for RDS, and he had a falling out with them for some seriously stupid reasons, and they tried pinning it on him. I don't want to venture into it but it's some seriously high school drama Bull to da freaking shat. So I'm glad they lost their exclusivity rights. Screw them. I hope TVA will get Claude Quenneville back, he was good. Much better than Houde.
Sorry Kriss E, I have to disagree.
This is not good for the NHL because Canada is the NHL. Without our teams helping out the teams that should be moved up to Canada from cities where there is zero interest, there is no NHL.
Bottom line, TSN raised the bar in broadcasting and have done a great job. Going to Sportsnet, which I have on my package and is useless and inferior, is like the NHL going from ESPN to OLN. Oh yeah, the NHL did that too.
It will take years before we see a quality product like TSN delivered and meanwhile we'll be forced to experience a substandard product.
While I agree that competition is a great thing and ultimately delivers a better product, it doesn't apply here.
There is no competition because for the next 12 years we will only have one option. The only competition was in the bidding not the product delivery. Even if they lure away half the personnel from TSN, they don't have the talent to produce what TSN has in the past.
This was a stupid move because had Bettman tried, he could have had the same amount of money over the same term while carving up the pie to accommodate all players. This would have been the status quo in terms of quality and content and the NHL would have gotten what they wanted, which is more money and long term commitment.
Instead he went with American tactics of exclusivity for a product that is a hard sell in the US but an easy sell in Canada.
This could have been handled better and that would have been in the fans best interest. That translates to the NHL's best interest.
It's done now so it's a moot point but I don't have a good feeling about it. I never like a monopoly, it allows for an attitude that one doesn't have to improve. Sort of like the exclusivity RDS has that you lament so much. They didn't need to improve and now neither does Rogers.

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