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Originally Posted by Peter25 View Post
Actually, no. Russia is a better managed country than Ukraine. Russia has a better and more competent government than Ukraine.

In 1990 Ukraine was more developed industrially than Russia. It also had more developed agriculture and better living standards. Now the situation is completely reversed. Russia is far richer and more developed than Ukraine.

Ukraine GDP in 1990: 90 billion dollars
Ukraine GDP in 2012 - 175 billion dollars

Russia GDP in 1990: 569 billion dollars
Russia GDP in 2012 - 2015 billion dollars

During 1990-2012 Russia's GDP grew by by 354% in dollar value while Ukraine's economy grew by 194% in dollar value by comparison. Russia has achieved almost a twice the growth figures in 22 years compared to Ukraine.

Ukraine's poor performance is even more evident when you compare Ukraine to Belarus. Belarus has basically no natural resources, but it's GDP per capita is $15,592 while Ukraine, which has abundant natural resources, has a GDP per capita of only $7,600. That is only half of Belarus' economic output!

Ukraine's economic performance has been pitiful and it has been by far the biggest disappointment of the four big ex-Soviet states (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus).

Ukraine is divided into 2 regions. Eastern Ukraine has same living standarts as Russia(except for big cities and some rich regions like Yugra, Bashkortostan, Moscow region, St.Petersbourg region, Tatarstan, Chechnya). Western Ukraine is very poor.
And that is a strong reason why Ukraine is poor overall. One part wants in Europe and thinks that they will feed them and give them work and free money. Other part wants to be with Russia. There's no consensus line in politics.

Belarus made a very good buisness on their "isolation" status. You can produce for example pesticides that you would have trouble producing anywhere else because of ecological regulations which would make you pay all your profit.

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