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12-01-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Garl View Post
Ukraine is divided into 2 regions.
I thought Ukraine could actually be split to three parts: pro-Russian Eastern Ukraine and Crimean peninsula, neutral Central Ukraine (where Kiev is located) and nationalistic, anti-Russian Western Ukraine (mainly Galicia).

Originally Posted by Garl View Post
Eastern Ukraine has same living standarts as Russia(except for big cities and some rich regions like Yugra, Bashkortostan, Moscow region, St.Petersbourg region, Tatarstan, Chechnya).
This can be true. Donbass is developed and industrialized, at least by Ukrainian standards.

Originally Posted by Garl View Post
Western Ukraine is very poor.
True, but they have better demographics than pro-Russian areas in Ukraine.

Originally Posted by Garl View Post
One part wants in Europe and thinks that they will feed them and give them work and free money. Other part wants to be with Russia. There's no consensus line in politics.
If Ukraine joins EU it will be just another Romania or Bulgaria. It will lose it's industrial base and become a source of raw materials and cheap labor for colonial powers.

Right now there is an attempt to seize power by force and revolution in Kiev. If they succeed Ukraine will be even more doomed than it is now.

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