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12-01-2013, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by compile View Post
Yup just like everything Rogers touchs and it gets better.
Like higher prices, controlling MLB, NHL, print/radio/tv media.

I personally look forward to having to pay more to watch hockey (if you don't expect this to happen, you don't understand business). Rogers posted a $1.8 billion net income in September (and it's increasing),they just bought have a sports franchise, and signed a deal worth 5.2 billion. Anything that Rogers operates will increase and they will most likely win a block of 700mhz spectrum this increasing prices even more.

If people don't see the real issue here, so help me god in a year or two when I see people complaining I will personally deliver them a cup of ****.
Not getting a good Rogers signal? Why the hate?

You are ranting but beyond hating Rogers it's tough to tell what you are alerting the world to.

Vertical integration?
Media Supply chain?

Or maybe you'd like taxpayers to subsidize your NHL hockey habit.

This is going the way it should - a-la-carte programming is the way of the future and better options from our providers. The death of bad programming and the payment for good programming is where we are headed. I look forward to this and a reformed CBC vision.

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