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01-03-2007, 04:23 AM
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Hello! Habs fan here. I just would like to share my tough on your team after watching 4 games Bolts vs Habs.

The first thing I always wonder is , why having two no 1 center who cost together nearly 14 M$ (more than the quarter of the total team payroll). They are both extremely good and probably in the top 10 center in the league but with the salary cap problem , I am not sure that you can afford those guys.

The second thing that bug me was in the first game Habs vs Bolts, Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St-Louis and Brad Richards played over 30 minutes, which is something I never saw for a forward. The Bolts had the edge for the first two periods but they couldn't hold the pace in the third and finally lost the game in the last minutes.

Finally, Torterella seems to played always the same 10 guys ( Top 4 Dman + Line 1 and 2). In my opinion, it not the best thing you can do to improve your team chemistry and you put a lot of pressure on the most active players. I know that your first two lines are much better than your line 3 and 4 but on a long term basis, I don't see how it can be positive for your team. Plus if one of your key player is injured, your team is doom since your others players didn't get much icetime before and will suddenly need to step up.

I heard a lot of rumors about Feaster trading Fedotenko or Prospal but I don't see how it could solve the Bolts problems. Those guys value are kinda low at the moment and maybe you could get a ''risky defenseman'' (like Brewer) but if you trade those guys, all your team offensive success will depend of the same 3 players (Lecavalier, St-Louis, Richards). If one of them goes on a cold streak, it can seriously hurts the offensive potential of the Bolts.

Just watch the teams who had success in the last decade (mainly in playoff and including the 2003-2004 Bolts), they all had 4 strong lines who could each do their defensive job and even score goals (even the 3rd and 4th lines were capable offensively).

From what I saw, I am not sure that the chemistry is very good inside the Bolts lockeroom. First the team seems to work only with threats coming from the coach and the GM. But the problem is , if you can keep pressing on the panic button, soon enough, it just won't work anymore. We had Michel Terrien in Montreal who was using the same tactics, after a few years the players stop listening to his treats and finally got fired. But the problems with the Bolts is that the treat are coming from the GM too! Plus when four players are receving 50% of the total payroll + 40% of the total ice time, I don't think that the others players are happy about it.

I am not sure how the Bolts can fix their problems and I won't pretend that I am better than Feaster or Torterella (I am just a hockey fan like each and everyone of you), but I think that if you could trade one of your no 1 center (either Lecavalier or Richards) , you could receive in exchange a few strong players who could greatly improve the lineup .... Just look at the Lindros exchange in the early 90's. The Nordiques trade a all star player , Eric Lindros, (who was 18 at the time) for a bunch of players (including Peter Forsberg , Ron Hextall and a few 1st round pick) and those guys really improve the Nordiques lineup.

Anyway guys, I am sure the Bolts will find a way to improve the situation, you have a extremely interesting team and I hope that it will only get better for you.


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