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12-01-2013, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Not getting a good Rogers signal? Why the hate?

You are ranting but beyond hating Rogers it's tough to tell what you are alerting the world to.

Vertical integration?
Media Supply chain?

Or maybe you'd like taxpayers to subsidize your NHL hockey habit.

This is going the way it should - a-la-carte programming is the way of the future and better options from our providers. The death of bad programming and the payment for good programming is where we are headed. I look forward to this and a reformed CBC vision.
You do realize that Rogers owns the biggest newspapers in the country, and now have exclusive national rights to "Canada's game." Rogers has fought against a la carte programming (as it cuts into their profits hard). Don't think for a second a la carte will be any better as they will charge more per channel to make up the difference. The CRTC said no more 3 year contracts, they said fine and increased rates heavily.

Again I don't give a **** about the CBC and their left wing ******** or their horrible programming and production.
So I guess they were justified in their defensive advertising against the threat of Verizon coming to Canada? I guess they were justified in saying "Canadians should actually pay more for their services.
I guess you are fine with the impending increase and having to bend over.

I guess I'm anti-Canadian as well as majority of Canadians do absolutely nothing to create change.

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