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12-01-2013, 06:32 PM
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Worst ones ever, short-term, for me were my broken feet.. I've broken my right foot three times playing hockey, and my left foot potentially once. I've also broken ribs and fingers. Oh, and potentially partially torn ulnar collateral ligament and labral tear in my hip, the former of which I still need to get an MRI.

The worst PAIN ever was definitely taking a slapper in the trachea.. imagine heart burn but 100x worse, and it won't go away. It was insane. Thought for sure I had broken it.

But long-term the worst is that I have four bulging discs in my neck, two bulging discs in my back, and a "diseased" disc that might end up rupturing in my lower back, all from hockey. This has actually gotten a little worse as of late now that I'm off of my pain meds for the potential ulnar collateral ligament tear. Probably need to go back for that one again, too.

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