Thread: PGT: Habs win 4-2 VS LAFS
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12-01-2013, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by compile View Post
There's not penalty because he didn't touch Price.
You can't be in the crease prior to the puck being there. Once the puck is in the crease it's fair game.

I don't understand why you are having such a hard time with the right call being made.
Yes, you are allowed to be in the crease. It used to be completely illegal and they reversed that after the Brett Hull situation.

I'm not having a hard time understanding anything. It's very simple. They disallowed a goal for goalie interference. In the rule book, they say players that cause goalie interference leading to a disallowed goal will get a 2 min penalty.

In any event, I'm all for it, it helped us win. All I said was that it was a rather weak call because more often than not these goals aren't disallowed.

Originally Posted by compile View Post
Impairing != making contact.
A player in the crease prior to the puck entering takes up the area of the ice were a goalie is protected this reducing his "area" of effectiveness.

Impairing means reducing the goalies ability to make a save. It's not a penalty to be on the crease while NOT making contact with that goalie. It's a penalty when a player makes CONTACT with a goalie.

If we use your example goaltender interference would be called once every minute then.
JVR made contact with Price, that's why it was called a No Goal. And yes, it should have been a penalty if it's significant enough to take a goal away.

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