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12-01-2013, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Brock View Post
Numbers aren't everything. The -24 is incredibly deceiving IMO. The Steelheads just aren't a great hockey team and Day has had a rotating group of defensive partners this year.

Like any rookie defenseman in this league (let alone a 15 year old one), he can have some problems with his reads in his own end and he can chase the puck at times. BUT, overall I think he's actually been better in his own end than I would have anticipated. He's already a pretty solid board player and does a good job of separating players from the puck. He's already confident enough to play physical and use his 6'2, 220lbs body. And of course, his skating ability is an asset when defending off the rush. It's just all about getting the experience on reads and situations that will further his development in his own end.

I've been incredibly impressed with him this year.
That's good to hear. It sounds like he has potential to be a good defensive player even if the results aren't there yet. But he was a -3 again yesterday and is now at -27.

Have you noticed any recent change? Because it seems the bottom dropped out of his game statistically in the last month. He was -9 in his first 16 games and -18 in his last 12 games. The first number isn't good but perhaps not unexpected for a 15 year old on a poor team, but the second is terrible regardless of age. I'm guessing he's been mostly paired with Jacob Graves during this time period. Could that be a poor partner for him?

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