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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
1. A lot of players. Fairly common curve, especially when you include it's variants.

2. Because he is signed with Easton and is a prominent name.

3. You should use whatever you are more comfortable wkth.
Bang on.

1. You see many players use that curve of its variant these days, especially many of the guys south of 30 to put an arbitrary gap, because many of them grew up using and liking that curve. Before, you would see many more Drury or even Getzlaf type (Parise, E5 etc) curves because those guys grew up using them more. We have many many different pro stock sticks at my store, many of them are P92 or close to it.

2. Easton is not using player names anymore, but that would be the reason. Hall is actually in all Bauer except for his stick.

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