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Originally Posted by Emperoreddy View Post
Quoted for truth. This how LAST season should of ended.
TWD was pretty sick, great finale to that arc. I *****ed and moaned about the direction the show was going but the last 3 episodes saved it for me. Yeah that's what should have happened last year but after checking out the comics I know why they did it this way. They had to set up a few things to establish some other characters for what happens this episode. Looking back I'm glad about how they did it.

In the comic the Governor attacks the prison 2 times, the second time with the tank. He takes Michonne and Tyresse hostage and chops Tyresse's head off with Michonne's katana just like what happened with Hershel and Lilly ends up killing the Governor too. The way the attack went down, who died, how the prison was destroyed and over run with walkers is pretty much exactly how it happens in the comic.

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