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12-01-2013, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Doomsday Device View Post
That's good to hear. It sounds like he has potential to be a good defensive player even if the results aren't there yet. But he was a -3 again yesterday and is now at -27.

Have you noticed any recent change? Because it seems the bottom dropped out of his game statistically in the last month. He was -9 in his first 16 games and -18 in his last 12 games. The first number isn't good but perhaps not unexpected for a 15 year old on a poor team, but the second is terrible regardless of age. I'm guessing he's been mostly paired with Jacob Graves during this time period. Could that be a poor partner for him?
-/+ is indicative of the team your on, not necessarily how good of a defensive player you are. Connor Brown was a -72 18 months ago, and here we are today, hes not much better defensively, yet hes a plus 22 after 28 games. Its one of the worst ways to attempt to judge a hockey player, because its due to the team that your on and who your playing with/against. It never actually says how good you are, more so the situation your in.

Hes doing fine, ahead of where Ekblad was at the same age, take that for what you will.

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