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01-03-2007, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by The Hockey Hitman View Post
We're not going to win every game...but hopefully this "trade" is coming soon. If nothing else, its serving as an extra distraction in the background right now so lets get it over with people.

Tortorella isn't going anywhere folks, Feaster himself said that. You don't clean house on management 2 years removed from a Stanley Cup winning season.
I happen to diagree with that(and here is why)

Torts system worked well when you could clutch and grab more but in the NHL I have not seen either coach (Torts and Rammer) adjust their system. The power play has sucked for 2 years. Players do not check bodies but go for the puck first. That is what this coaching staff teaches (heard straight from Torts on Fan App day this season). When you could hold more if you missed the poke check you could grab the player as he went by you and that worked really well. Now you cannot and when you do not get the puck the player is around you and you cannot hold him up and to the net he goes.

Talent wise I do not think we are far from a good team and I actually think if we were more physical in our end we would win a lot more battles and be a lot more successful.

The players are playing hard and the effort is there I just think in the current system everything has to fall in line for us to win and that is happening a lot less than it used to.

At the end of the day unless we get some superstar goalie that will save those 2 or 3 a game that our current goalies give up in key moments we will continue to lose more than win. Trading Prospal and or Feds for an equal player will not help us.

And someone please tell me Feaster was blowing smoke when he said we were looking for a puck carrying defense man. Like we need another soft defenseman!


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