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12-02-2013, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Jeez, is there ANY topic that the Canadian media can't interpret as a relocation issue?
Jeez, why do you have a problem with what the Canadian media says?

You're in the states, worry about what ever story your media is discussing. Sure to hell, enough of them.

Hockey is kind of popular up here, (though there is room to grow the game) I guess I could say jeez, why does the NHL and some American media think the only place where the game can grow is in the US.

Most people here think at most Canada could support 3 more teams, that's it. Let's say 3 teams leave the states and are stolen by Canada (not going to happen-nor should it) simple math tells me that Canada would have 10 teams and the states 20 teams.

Another poster here tells us he doesn't think of country when talks of expansion happen and I agree with him. Lets just think where the money will flow in and that just happens to be in the place where some incorrectly think folks say aboot. Ya'no eh?

Just my rant, now off to watch Buffalo news and the latest house fires.

PS: As a Canadian I prefer to watch/read news about possible more NHL teams in Canada than house fires in Buffalo.

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