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Originally Posted by SeanLafortune View Post
-/+ is indicative of the team your on, not necessarily how good of a defensive player you are. Connor Brown was a -72 18 months ago, and here we are today, hes not much better defensively, yet hes a plus 22 after 28 games. Its one of the worst ways to attempt to judge a hockey player, because its due to the team that your on and who your playing with/against. It never actually says how good you are, more so the situation your in.

Hes doing fine, ahead of where Ekblad was at the same age, take that for what you will.
Plus minus is only useful in taken in the context of the team, not the league, and in many instances means very little.

Day is generally speaking noticably worse than the rest of the team, which means whomever he is on theice with, issues have arisen. So in this case I find it does point to player deficiencies.

That said, of course he will have a few issues. He is 15. Anyone who expected much different had unrealistic expectations. I'm pretty sure by the end of the season you'll see his +/- correct itself and come in balance with the rest of the team.

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