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12-02-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
You guys don't think Hank takes it as a slight that Talbot starts back-to-back games when the Rangers don't play again 'til Thursday? Dude's a workhorse. He wants to play. I get that it's an Olympic year, but starting Talbot tonight ISN'T because of that. It's because right now, AV likes Talbot better. That says controversy to me.

Whatever. This I'm sure is another argument on HF that I'll lose.
If Hank is pissed Cam starts tonight, here is what he has to do about it: Start playing like Hank and justify the 9Mill contract he's asking for. Get pissed, get better.

I've not been amongst those blaming Hank for the Rangers losing games, but come on, he is a better goalie than he has shown so far this year.

Also, i think it's fair to reward Cam for his solid play. Henrik will still end up playing 50+ NHL games, plus the olympics plus the playoffs. He'll get enough starts.

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