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12-02-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
I think KC's defense has been exposed as fraudulent, to be honest.

They faced a ton of terrible QBs during their run to 9-0, now Manning and Rivers have abused them repeatedly.

They really needed a win today, the division is all but gone now. I'd say they'll be one-and-done in January, but they will probably play Indy who has been thoroughly unimpressive as of late so who knows what could happen in that potential matchup.
As a Broncos fan, I was actually impressed with the Chiefs yesterday. I know our defense isn't anything special, and it's downright horrible with the injuries we have right now but I didn't expect their offense to move the ball at will the way they did in the first, and parts of the second and fourth quarters. If Alex Smith can get on the same page with Bowe, Avery, Jenkins et al. at the same time (seems that when Smith is on, they drop passes... when he's off, they make miraculous catches; case in point y-day on his first two TD passes which were overthrows) and Charles can keep up the production and Hali and Houston get healthy (a lot of if's) I think they could upset anybody. Their secondary is average or below average so against quick release QB's they're going to be exploited regardless of the type of pressure they can bring and I imagine more teams will gameplan against them with that in mind.

Marcus Cooper got beaten like a redheaded stepchild last night repeatedly, I was surprised they didn't shift double coverage off of Welker to Decker but I guess that's a case of pick your poison.

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