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01-03-2007, 11:44 AM
David Singleton
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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
Right early in his career all goalies struggle with consistancy. Mason is not "early" in his career.
Mason is "early" in his career, if you're talking about being a starter. Vokoun hasn't been considered an elite goalie for too long- and some don't consider him one now. Vokey hasn't been a starter to too long in this league, and his troubles were only corrected a couple, or three, season's ago.

However, I do believe Vokoun is the better goalie in that his ability to steal games has been better than Mason's. Could that develop for Mason if he's finally given the opportunity to start consisently like Vokoun was given with Dunham's trade? Possibly. He's proven to be a very solid goalie in handling the difficult task of being a backup tender that plays sparingly.

In the end, if Vokoun plays well, he's the known commodity. Mason is better positionally and on shootouts, but Vokoun's ability to steal games is better right now. If he's playing well, Vokoun should play the most games in order to get ready for the playoffs. Should it be the same dominant ratio of games? Probably not, but Mason and Vokoun shouldn't be doing a 50-50 split of games either.


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