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12-02-2013, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by FreshPerspective View Post
The locker room was divided with Richards and Carter and the vets on the other side. It wasn't a healthy environment. Even Richards said there were "little groups" in the locker room when describing the difference between LA and Philly.

Basically, all this revisionist talk of what could have been is misleading since management had taken the position that they weren't going to fire another coach despite the fact that Lavi was just as responsible for the Boston debacle as some of the players which did include Richards. I mean Tocchet was calling Richards out during intermissions and post game saying he needed to show more whether it was fair or not.

Anyway..the point is that even if they had decided to keep Richards and Carter would have meant they would have had to have chosen to fire the coach. If that had happened then yeah maybe we would have seen something better and all other sorts of other things may have happened like keeping Bob etc. It's really impossible to know though.

My issue is not that they made the decision to trade Carter and Richards which Holmgren did a pretty decent job with as far as the's the disasters that followed that set the team back. Couple it with the trading away of draft picks which they admitted didn't help and you have last season's futility and thus far this season's mediocrity. Again Holmgren basically didn't follow up his big trade properly..
All true. But I mean, what team would choose a coach over it's best players while they're in the prime of their careers? That never made sense. And Holmgren did get good returns, but the trades still set us back. We have to wait for the young guys we got to develop, which was pretty clear from day 1. There was no way the players we got in return could step in and immediately replace the ones we traded.

Since then, he's made some good moves and he's made some mistakes. Setting aside the Carter/Richards trades, I'm not sure his win% is good enough to justify keeping the job, but in very recent history I think he's done well. Getting Mason kinda/sorta makes up for blowing it with Bob/Bryz and I liked bringing in Downie and Lecavalier.

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