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01-03-2007, 02:34 PM
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This season has been very frustrating. Just when you think they are going to go on a nice long winning streak, they lose games. We win two of three and look unstoppable, and then we lose games and look like a totally different team.

The goaltending the big problem, plain and simple. Marc Denis was thrown into a situation he could not handle. And although Holmqvist has done alright, he is definitely not impressive in my books. Yes he has more wins than Denis...but it seems like every one of those games, he gives up at least 3 goals and he just wins because he gets good offensive support that game. Dang how I wish we could of made a trade to get Nabokov last year...

Yes its easy to say letting Bulin go was a bad mistake...but everyone forgets we had Marty and Vinny to resign, and remember where Bulin was last year? On the IR. And Cullimore? IR. And Stillman? IR. And Kubina? Been on the IR a lot this year. I'd rather have kept Vinny, Marty, and Brad with their great duribility over those guys who have all been hurt most of the time since they have left our team.

Another thing that totally irritates me is our lack to hit and set the tone. Im a huge fan of power forwards...and no wonder I was so pissed off during the 2003 draft when we had a chance to draft Anthony Stewart and traded down the pick to FLA. Yes, Stewart hasn't totally panned out yet, but I felt at the time, he was EXACTLY the type of player we needed on the offensive side. I wish Vinny would hit more, with the type of size he has. Same thing with Ryan Craig....and alot of others. We are probably the wussiest team in this league when it comes to toughness, and we definitely need to shake up that part.

I don't know if a shakeup either in the roster or the front office will help out, either one or both...but yes something has to be done here. These streaks we go thru are getting very old and its just not going to get it done right now. There is still a lot of hockey to be played and we definitely have a chance to make a good run and claim a playoff spot. The powerplay has been getting better, which is good. The defense is playing okay...but its not impressive. Our goaltending needs to step it up, because your never going to win a Stanley Cup without good goaltending and a good defense (gee, sounds like someone this year...maybe Anaheim?).

If there was a chance we could somehow make a deal with the Rangers to try to get Al Montoya, I would love that. I saw him play some games...and I was VERY impressed with him. I don't know if we can offer enough for him...but I would love to see him in a Lightning uniform.

Although I am frustrated by this team's play, im not complaining. Just remember, not so long ago, we were the laughing stock of hockey, and in professional sports. I definitely remember watching them play every game here in DC from 1999-2003 without NEVER seeing them win until game 4 of the 2003 playoffs aganist the Caps. We have been thru far worse than this, and if we could get thru it before, we sure can do it now.

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