Thread: Confirmed with Link: Dallas Stars claim Dustin Jeffrey from waivers
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12-02-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by madinsomniac View Post
Letestu has 9 points while averaging 15 minutes in Columbus, Not a superstar by any means, but a decent player taking up a lot of important minutes there. The pens issue isnt that they are letting superstars go, its that when two players are about equal, they always take the more expensive vet over the cheaper young guy, which is a horrible plan in a cap system... guys like Lovejoy, Strait, Letestu, and Jeffery arent likely going to be anything more than roleplayers, but developing good cheap roleplayers is key in putting together a team capable of competeing year in and year out... Duper, Orpick, Glass, adams, play two 500K grunts the glass and adams roles and let a young grunt take orpiks spot and you have the money to upgrade duper into a real great top 6 player... or continue to pay vets on the downswing...and suffer elsewhere
That's great. Now tell me where a natural center with speed issues like Letestu fits on this team.

The answer, of course, is that he fits exactly where a natural center with speed issues like Jeffrey fit. Nowhere.

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