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01-23-2004, 07:58 PM
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Who cares how the players pan out?
That's hindsight. The value of what he gave up could have been better used to help the team in other ways. As parts to another trade, or just building up the farm system. Or, you know, like having Outlette in goal and seeing how it works out.

The trade sucked because Clarke drastically overpaid for a rental of Oates.
Clarke panicked after injuries and gave up a LOT of value for a soon to be UFA.

It really made no sense. Sure, losing your top two centers means you're weak at center. He gave up a ton of value even though and even after the trade, the team wasn't as good as the team before the injuries. Sometimes you just have to accept the injuries and stand pat where you are.

If Brodeur got injured should the Devil's trade away youth and picks to get a fill-in goalie for a cup run? Most certinaly not. You swallow hard and hope for the best. But giving up tons of value for a fill-in goalie would not be a good move. And giving tons of value for a fill-in center wasn't a good move either.

Bonehead move in Clarke's career. Generally, he's done very well in trades though.

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