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Originally Posted by BudsBuster View Post
When you look at my team compared to any team in this draft I am above average at every spot. Except 2.
You don't.

Cullen yes can be seen as a blow average center here. But not bottom 3. . He is there to provide solid defense for a guy just starting to play two ways. The most expolsive offensive threat in the is draft Kessel.
Cullen is the wrong center to provide solid defense, not that he's terrible at it but if you think he was some kind of two-way wiz you are wrong. He did vey well in Tampa but the rest of his career he was an offensive guy with holes in his game.

And Theodore. But again not bottom 3. His Hart trophy puts him miles ahead of most in terms of peak.

He has won 60 more games than lost as well. Even saying he won more than he lost is more than you can say about Herbert.
His hart do not put him over any other goalie in the draft considering how he did after. His hart year is an outlier and more of a fluke than proof that he was elite. And let's not compare wins (a team stat) between a goalie for an expansion team and a goalie who played behind a definsive team. He's won 20 more games than he's lost so that don't really impress me. Theodore is a bad pick at this level.

And coming from a guy with Shawn McEachern on his top line that is off base. I see him as very average.
an average guy with above average line mates.

Also Kunitz... Im not sure I need to say anything , but there is a guy who benefited from some good line mates to bloat his numbers..... hed never top 45 points ever if not on a line with Crosby, or Malkin, or Getzlaf or Perry. Playing every second he is on the ice with one of those guys.

Even a couple years he did play along side them he did nothing special. 2009-2011
He did nothing special, yet won a cup while adding loads of sandpaper for the best team in the NHL. Kunitz is basically Granato minus leadership.

Also Quinn played very little with Mario as Scudari pointed out. So that point is nor fact or realivent.
No, he only played with Mario when he could boost his offensive stats the most. On the PP. Lacking a defensive game this is not a good enough offensive player to give your team anything but troubles.

I easily have the bottom two lines dominated. My fourth line consists of A defensive wiz with size and skill in Bonk who scored at a realitively nice pace for the dead puck era.
Dudley has leadership coupled with solid defense, energy, heart and offense.
Cooke is there to agitate, board work and chipping in the odd goal. He also fit the bill of a Goon / Agitator that can play... Unlike Simon who will be in the box more than on the Ice. And I never liked his greasy Mullet. Him alone would be fine on that line but the fact Barnaby is there to which is just a little less effective player than Cooke there hurts.
You have my lines dominated because you avoid to talk about my best bottom-6ers. Ferguson is better than anything you have. Bonk is not a defensive wiz and was good-great defensively. Cooke is a goon with very little skill. Why would Simon be in the box most of the time? Did you even watch him play in his prime?

Barnaby is most likely the best and most agitator in the NHL of all-time. To say he's less effective than Cooke makes me wonder if you've simply looking at stats and youtube videos to gather information about players.

Dudley makes this line better with a ppg season in the WHA and 70 in the NHL.
A PPG season in WHA adds nothing to his resume really. Not to mention, he has basically no playoff experience.

Now my third line has the consesnus 3rd best 3rd line center. ( Dalhstrom and Schock) are the only two that have a case, that I could place ahead.

Paired with the guys he is, this line will frustrate top lines.
This is a shut down line. Im so confiedent in Plekanec, I would have no problem with him playing up or down a line in my line up. He is just good everywhere. PP, PK, ES. It just doesn't matter.
Plekanec is good but he's not top 3 when it comes to checking in this draft.

Connelly played a total of 543 games in the NHL with 133 goals and 174 assists for a total of 307 points. In addition, he played 366 games in the WHA for the Minnesota Fighting Saints, Cleveland Crusaders, Calgary Cowboys, and Edmonton Oilers with 167 goals and 162 assists for 329 points.
Connelly won the Red Tilson Award in 195960 as the Ontario Hockey League's most outstanding player while with the Peterborough Petes. Connelly scored 235 points in 4 seasons with the Pete's (19561960).

He also placed top 10 in goals 3 times in his career (4th, 9th and 5th) and points once (4th)
This alone puts him ahead of Sergei Svetlov who failed to play in the NHL. And best year was 5th is goals in the K, Which uts him close to or on par With Connelleys peak in the NHL.

He is more than quailfied to play in the AAA draft.
Watched him play many times. He was a fringe player who got to play on an expansion team and managed to score some goals in a poor division. What is he doing with Plekanec, he was nothing special defensively if you believe that.

I would say Marshall and Stuart or pretty much even but Jackman is miles head of Mantha.

Orlando could barely keep his Job in the O6 era. Only lasting 4 full years.
Orlando was arrested for draft evasion and some other crimes. He didn't leave the league because he wasn't good enough. He then enlisted to avoid prison. So it's kinda irritating see you spew garbage over something you have absolutely no clue about.

Besides Brown, Stelnov and Marshall trumps anything you have. Orlando and Zeidel will destroy your team as you have no physical elements to really counter them. Remember I have home team advantage so I get to decide whos going to match up with who throughout this series.

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