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12-03-2013, 02:37 AM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
I just wanted to add this for EVERYONES sake. Purely offensive dman like Buff are not nearly as sought after nor are as valuable in a trade as many people here seem to think. Souray was equal in every way to Buff and he was bought out. Even when he actually was traded he didn't return anything close to what is being asked for in this and the many other threads.

The fact is that Buff, Yandle and Edler have all been quietly shopped for the last 2 years. 2 FREAKING YEARS!!!! I'm sure teams have inquired about acquiring them but NONE have been moved. All 3 have been rumored to be going to Philly along with a plethora of other teams and guess what, they are still with their original team.

I've some attempts at throwing out phrases like"supply and demand" to justify the exorbitant asking price for Buff but that's a failure in truly understanding of said principle. The reality is that the supply of like minded dman is 3 (Buff, KY and Edler) and the demand is zero (none have been traded).

You can sit there and say "It's going to cost you Couturier, Morin and a 1st for Buff" all you want but you are completely clueless if you think that's what he's worth. No team is going to offer that much for him hence he's still on your team.

I'll try and put it into perspective for you. Chris Pronger, a future HOF player, who when traded immediately LEAD his new team the the Cup finals, was traded to Philly for Lupul, Sbissa, and a 1st. If you asked any TO fans I think they'd gladly trade Lupul for Couturier. Ask most Duck fans and I think they'd trade Sbissa for Morin. If you honestly believe that you could get Couturier + Morin + a 1st (equal or better than what Pronger returned) then you have no clue about this game, the history of trades, nor ACTUAL player values and it's pointless to discuss it any further with you.
Oh please let's compare to comparable players and comparable situations. You are seriously comparing a washed up 35 yr old Souray to a 28 yr old Buff who guarantees 50-60 points? Get real! And Ducks had cap issues when they traded Pronger, Pronger was 34 yrs old at that point. Not a valid comparison for a 28 yr old Buff.

A valid comparable for Buff is the Brent Burns trade. Burns and Buff are almost identical players (although Buff has slightly better production) similar in age when Burns was traded. The return that Burns got was Setogucci, Charlie Coyle and a 1st round pick for Burns + 2nd round pick. And this is when Burns was a pending UFA the following year whereas Buff is signed for a few more years at a very team friendly caphit. So lets be real, Burns trade is a benchmark for any hypothetical Buff trade that might happen. The market value set for Buff (as evidenced by the Burns trade) is a solid roster player, a promising prospect and a 1st round pick. That is a reasonable starting point. I understand that some teams may not be willing to pay that price, that's fine but that's what the price is gonna be (based on recent comparables not conjecture or "gut") at the very least if a team wants Buff.

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