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12-03-2013, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
In 2 years we won't even know or care which corporate name is behind the telecasts. Rogers didn't invest in hockey in the past because they had a small piece of the pie, now they will be the name brand in Canada. A recruiting blitz will no doubt bring talent to the network and production values will rise. Rogers will relish the poaching of big names from rivals, they have a chance to re-cast the NHL hockey product in Canada and pick and choose their people.

I for one am optimistic that a new formula awaits. There's already been talks about more in-depth player interviews , and I am tired of the Hot Stove and Coaches Corner. People speak today with fear like there is no room to improve hockey broadcasting in this country. I think change was overdue and I welcome it.
So your willing to go through 2 years of substandard broadcasting in the hopes that it will get better than what TSN is doing right now?
Monopolies don't work.
Carving up the broadcasting between all players for equal money and term was the way to go. Then there would have been competition. Now there is none. Look how well RDS improved when they gained exclusivity. Their broadcast never got better because they didn't have to. Sort of like Hydro's customer service.
You speak of improvement of broadcasting like it's a terrible product when in fact I think the bar is set so high by TSN that Rogers will blow for more than the 2 years you're satisfied waiting.

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