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Originally Posted by Hockey Nightmare View Post
The worst is the CN tower. That thing is the eyesore of eyesores.
Its a real mistake to look at it that way. Yesterdays designs often get swept away in this notion of progress where everything has to be new and fit a particular style. The CN is of a renowned architectural style. With some work it can be back to being a distinctive looking tower. Picture it as unique and look at it again.

Originally Posted by Auguste Escoffier View Post
CN Tower is a thing of early '60s architectural beauty. The location is poor, though. Once more lots are filled near it, the tower will stand out in a good way.

Edit: I will say the podium could use some major work, though.
Its too bad the Via Rail station isn't there anymore. Used to enjoy going in there to take a train. CN Tower really fit that ethos of a modernist Train station somehow. I don't know if its the verticle lines going up or what but it fit for me as a symbolic depiction of rails. (Although I don't think that was even the intent in the design.)

Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Yeah, problem is that it's the one of two skyscrapers in the immediate area so it stands out in a really blah way. Also because that area of town is looking really sketchy atm. Once the arena district is built around it, it'll look like "the old school backdrop in a modern city" thing that most major cities have in their downtowns.

The Telus building though I dunno, it's at the forefront of the skyline so it pretty much defines the city's downtown skyline along with the Convention Centre, Coast Plaza hotel, and part of Canada Place.
Yep. Agreed on CN Tower which is distinct. Its too bad some of those river valley towers went up. At the time there was a one way view of things. Build vantage points for people that would be attractive to look outside. It seems as if in the cost analysis not virtue was had in those looking AT these structures. Many of you probably don't even remember the horrendous Hotel Macdonald addon that also sullied the river valley frontage. Good thing they demolished that. This helped the skyline as did the Convention Center.

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