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Mine is called Spina Bifida's Arch. Essentially, the affected disc is 'forked' or open on one side instead of being a complete 'donut' around the spinal cord. This creates inherent instability for the discs on either side.

I was told at 15 that contact sports were off limits from then on. I still played some recreational stuff, street hockey, bball, golf, but it never took much to cause pain or discomfort. It was easy to ignore when I was young lol. Improved core strength is always good, but unfortunately the structure is screwed.

I hurt myself at work this passed Summer. Sciatica, hip, etc. Acupuncture helped a lot with it. Seriously. My acupuncturist is in the same office as my chiro which is great. Chiro got me to a certain point, but wasn't 'healing' it enough. Acupuncture treatment got me back to some semblance of normal.

I'll never be 100%, as anyone with back issues can attest. Chiro has kept things at an even keel, along with knowing my limitations. The injury occurred when I over did it. My fault. As it stands now I can move about my daily duties pain free, but have nowhere near the stamina for labour that I had before the injury.

How old is your bed? A new bed will help a lot too.

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