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Originally Posted by DevilsFan38 View Post
I've been trying to get to public skating sessions and work on my stopping, and I think I'm making progress, but no matter what I do I cannot seem to use my outside edge. I can stop pretty well, but it's all using the inside edge (ie, if I'm stopping and turning to the right, I can use my left inside edge well but I can't use my right outside edge to save my life). I can stop on both sides pretty well (though turning right is my strong side) but I can't use either outside edge.

Any hints? Drills to work on this? Anyone else in the same boat?
I'm not sure that you want to use your back foot. When I stop in that fashion and I lose my momentum the back (inside) foot acts like a kick stand. I just learned a stop where my legs are scissored and I do use the outside edge of the back leg, but I don't come to a complete stop. The intent is to stop and change directions -- my feet not being in a straight line allows me to do a quick crossover and make a quick start in the other direction.

In short, I think you're stopping correctly for the kind that you're doing.

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