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12-03-2013, 01:54 PM
with the 10th pick..
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this place is in full panic mode

welcome to my world

few random thoughts.

honestly, this team isnt in need of a full rebuild. we have a very good youngish defense and goaltending is set for now it appears, in spite of last nights cam talbot mini-meltdown.

we need to make a deal but that deal will be for a 2nd line type scorer. we need a shooter/finisher/scorer guy who can help us on out pp and score some ugly goals. rather than a speed type guy, we need a down low scorer. a dirty goal guy who can convert slam dunks and some chippies. we need those to start dropping so we can loosin the grips on the sticks and get back to shooting and scoring. just make sure hes not 35 yrs of age please.

the good news is that guy is there to be had. that kind of guy can be found in a deal for a mdz and someone else. we dont need a blockbuster deal.

defensively, this team isnt terrible at all. i would say that the problem this year on that end of ther blue line has been henrick more than the defense. i like this core defense. mcd, stral, staal and girardi are solid. girardi is certainly looking a step slower this season. moore is gonna be a good solid player i have no doubt.

problem is we have no one with a cannon shot from the point. we need that. bad.

mcilrath isnt ready to be brought up so thats not the answer and even if her were, he wouldnt add what we need to be more competitive. mcilrath will be a 14-15 guy.

were not trading ryan callahan. not happening.

we should be trading del zotto. dude needs a new team. package of mdz and mcilrath or miller would bring back a decent return.

there is too much deadwood on this team in our top 12- primarily in the bottom 6. we need that 2nd line scoring winger to help balance this team out. we know who the slackers are. we need to "bump down" some of our forwards to get them playing positions they are better suited for.

goal scoring- address that and everything else follows.

this team isnt as bad as last night. they are better than that. they arent as good as the van game though either. somewhere in between.

were arent that far off.

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