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12-03-2013, 03:21 PM
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I too feel your pain. I ruptured L4/L5 two years ago, as well as another a few vertebrae up. Two years later and it's finally coming around but it's something I'll always be aware of and have to live around especially if I don't end up getting surgery. Driving is a killer and I just resumed playing sports like golf although I haven't tried squash yet. Ironically I was able to go back playing hockey (just rec) within two months after it happened as standing and skating wasn't really an issue. Shooting and agility aren't the same but that's life. Definitely should have waited longer but I got through it so whatever.

They say you should wait two years before looking into surgery if you are still "functional" as it sometimes takes that long for the ruptured disc to harden enough to support the vertebrae properly. With mine I can feel a strong click every once in a while which obviously isn't good. Back support belts can help a lot for sports that don't require a ton of endurance (restrict the lung capacity).

The strong snap you felt was the same for me. I assume mine was the rupture and release of the disc fluid.

I've been looking into disc replacement surgery which is looking like an interesting option as it's supposedly something they do with marines, athletes, etc... I suggest you look into it but I am not an expert on anything other than my own experience.

I wish you you good luck, and a speedy recovery as I know it's hell. On the bright side as people like to tell me "it could be worse."

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