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12-03-2013, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Shaun Bisson View Post
CarpeNoctem asked me in the last thread if the RBZ 90 was stiff enough for me. I wish it was a little bit stiffer, but it wasn't something that I noticed tremendously tonight. I feel that unless you're making some stupid Datsyuk like movements, you should be fine in them.

I do wish they didnt give as long of laces though. Had to switch them out with my Graf laces.
Thanks for your thoughts on that.

Originally Posted by Calvin123 View Post
Any suggestions on a replacement for my CCM Vector 6.0's. My toe is wide compared to my very, very narrow heel. Any suggestions on a skate with similar fit, that might be more durable?


My last two skates have been CCM vector 6.0s, with my current pair being 3 or 4 years old.
They fit me perfectly, but, they have broken down extremely quickly, with signficant work being required to keep them going after only about a year. Specifically on both of them the foot base has cracked into many pieces .

I'm just an overweight middle aged guy, but I play 4 times a week, year around, with another 3-4 hours of coaching ice time a week, so the skates see a fair amount of use.
Wide toebox with narrow heels might make the Supreme line a good fit for you, as was said above. Also, if you're skating that much, a higher end model, not necessarily top of the line, might be a good fit.

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