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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
BTW, just so this doesn't get lost in the shuffle a few pages back. If anyone that speaks Russian has a moment to translate what was actually said in that phone conversation, allegedly with Vavrinyuk it would be very helpful.

The clip is about 2:30 but the actual phone conversation only appears to be about 30-40 seconds.
My notes are in [...], based on context. SB - somebody. EV - possible Evgeniya Vavrinyuk.

starting 0:50

SB: I didn't understand - why have you went [probably to USA] to him (to Varly) [if everything was so bad between you two even before]? You talked about it, you said it's over... [why have you went there]?
EV: I went there exactly for that [conflict] to happen. They [maybe some newspapers] say, that I made that conflict to happen, to prohibit him going to Olympics; they say that conflict is fictional.

[I think part of conversation is missing here...]

EV: it will be ridicules [actually she used word "show" like TV show], if afterwards we still will be together (with Varly).
SB: I think you shouldn't be together after that all...
EV: I was thinking the same after our first conflict...
SB: if you make him go to jail, how will you stay with him? Will you go to visit him in jail?
EV: He will not make it to jail [she is probably thinking, the case will not end with a real prison sentence]

starting 1:44

[I think part of conversation is missing here...]

EV: Now i remember, when we where on Maldives [popular place for vacation]. She [probably some friend of both EV & SB] told me, that i'm bully. I [EV] replied - no, I'm not. Yes, you are - she said. You [EV] told me before, that you hit him [not clear, who is "he" here], you hit him with karate strike. She sad - you [EV] are very good at karate. I [EV] replied: i'm little, but i can hit hard. [laughing all the time during those sentences. It could be a joke, afterall].

Sorry once again for my english...

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