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12-04-2013, 06:45 AM
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The Yankees are a joke. They mismanage the team but they always have their money to bail them out. Their minor league system stinks. Most Yankee fans are counting the years until the Tex,CC and AROD contracts are off the books and they plop more long-term deals on the team. They didn't bid for Darvish two years ago because they were concerned about the posting fee and then giving the player $50M-$60M. They were counting on their young pitchers like Baneulos and Betances. Later Cashman traded for Pineda. None of those guys had made any impact. Two of them suffered significant arm injuries. Two years later,they are waiting for Tanaka to be posted. He isn't as good as Darvish and he will cost more. Hal Steinbrenner spent two years talking about $189M. They didn't sign any players except for Ichiro past 2013. They didn't re-sign Martin. Didn't re-sign Swisher because $189M. In that $189M,$10M-$11M goes towards player benefits. Its really $178M-$179M. Leave $3M-$5M for in season player moves. $173M-$175M on player costs to start the season. They better hope the AROD suspension is upheld. They have a huge offer out to Kuroda. They want Tanaka. The posting fee doesn't count against the luxury tax. Maybe the Yankees have given up on him. Many teams will be bidding on him. Gardner and Robertson are ARB3 guys. $189M? They need to fill out the 25 player roster. All of the money will tied up in small group of players. Look at their pitching. CC. Nova. Anyone else?

Another old and expensive team.

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