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Originally Posted by SmartestManOnEarth View Post
Wow. Just wow?

Fischer struggled to stay in the lineup for years, was guilty of boneheaded giveaways and penalties. He had a great playoff in 02, and then struggled again ...

Finally, in the few games prior to his terrible collapse, he showed signs of poise.

But I think it's VERY ACCURATE to say that he never really did develop into the great defensemen we all hoped he'd be.

He may have done so ... Maybe by this year.

But with Jiri, it was always two very slow steps forward, one step back.

Any other reading of it is probably made under the "get well Jiri" sentiment.

And trust me, I loved Fischer. I had high hopes for him. And I really thought he was playing well in 05, finally using the speed and size to his advantage.

But he was far from a guy who reached his potential.
100% correct.

Fischer's best year with the Wings was 2001-02. He was paired with Chelios that season and the two were a dominant force. It looked like Fisch had the potential to be the next Pronger, no exaggeration.

The following year Fischer suffered the knee injury and that was a major setback. How far did Fisch fall? People may forget, but Jiri was a healthy scratch for game 6 against the Flames in the 04 playoffs. That was a microcosm of the entire 03-04 season, where a lack of confidence and play that can only be described as timid and tentative was all too common from Fischer.

Now, it looked like Fischer had taken some steps forward during the lockout, as his play in 05 was improved. But I still don't think it was on par with what we saw from him in 01-02, and he clearly had not reached his potential.

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